Thoughts For January 18th, 2011

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

– I heard that ‘hootie hoo’ was the call for the killer, but couldn’t find any information to back this up on wikipedia.

– If you are 19 and have only slept with 2 dudes your entire life, you are not ‘sexually frustrated’. Shut up. I’m trying to listen to the prof read his syllabus.

– If I try to drive you home, and you can’t remember me kicking you out of my car and telling you to lose my number, that’s on you. Not me.

– When will someone teach me how to ‘Dougie’? I’m available never.

– There exists a female that will actually accept you for who you are and won’t lose interest if you are not a total dick face to her. Unfortunately, that woman is your mom or your dog and you really shouldn’t try to date either one of them.

– I hope the Jets and Packers meet in the Super Bowl mainly because they are eskimo brothers through Brett Favre.

– Both A&M basketball teams are in the top ten. I’m happy for the men’s team because I like the coach. I’m happy for the women’s team because I have to be. (Title 9)

– There’s no sex in the champagne room. You gotta hit the bathroom in the back for that shit.

– Some asshole walked into a McDonald’s, in College Station, and stabbed a 12 year old girl. Just another reason I advocate them building a wall, along Villa Maria, between us and Bryan.

– I watched ‘Natural Born Killers’ last night and shaved my head when it was over. Tonight I’m watching ‘Avatar’ so there is a good chance I’ll be looking to fuck a smurf later.

– Texas Tech and Texas A&M both ranked very highly (top 14) in a study by Forbes magazine regarding a schools ability to help minorities acclimate to college life. I literally have nothing to add.

– #I #think #people #are #getting #a #little #carried #away #with #hashtags.

– I am still longing for the snow dens of our yesteryear.

– Heard my zodiac sign is now a Leo instead of a Virgo. Well this fucking changes everything. And by everything, I mean 10% of my pick up lines.


  1. Dick Hat says:

    That was beautiful…as usual.

  2. becky says:

    You’re really a Leo? Well, that explains everything! 😉

  3. Katie says:

    Almost as good as the song you wrote me.

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